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Welcome to the New Home of Birch Studios!

Hi everyone, welcome to my new shop! Birch Studios started on Etsy and that is what helped us to grow so quickly and so I will still be keeping my Etsy store going, I thought it was time for me to have a proper website which will allow me to control the way my products look and the overall vibe of the site.

I also wanted the ability to have a blog on my site, for years I started and quickly abandoned blogs pretty regularly, but I thought it would be nice to include a blog on this site so I can share behind the scenes stuff and my ramblings, and hopefully also share some advice on small business life! 

So check back here for updates, I'm going to aim for once a week but we'll see how well that actually works in practice! Thanks for reading this little intro and go and take a look at my shop, as there's currently 40% off everything!

Grace x  

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